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BeatBoss™ Indoor Biking Certification is a proud education provider through SCW (1.4), NASM (1.4), ACE (1.2), and AFAA (1.4)!  BeatBoss™ provides a top-notch certification process plus continuing education in an all encompassing education experience. 


The 16 Hour BeatBoss™ Indoor Biking Certification weekend toward getting officially BeatBoss™ Certified is a two day (8 working hours each day) training that includes: on-ramp videos, paperless manual, coaching, proper bike setup, proper form on the bike, music theory, how to ride the beat, using rpm and watts to enhance your rides, playlist curating, BeatBoss™ Foundational Drills and BeatBoss™ Foundational Upper Body Add-Ons, plus the signature BeatBoss™ Methodology and how to put it all together. Early bird (paid no later than two weeks before initial BeatBoss™ training weekend) Pricing is $399 and $499 (with special reduced pricing with company partnerships). Payment is non-refundable but transferable to another person and/or another BeatBoss™ training weekend as long as it is 6 months from original tuition payment. We also have special pricing for multi-location facilities.


At the end of the 16 hours you will receive your first BeatBoss™ Class Layout to practice all the BeatBoss™ branded concepts and components for 30 days. You will send in videos to BeatBossHQ™ with provided link of you doing this Class Layout plus proper bike set up and other key components song by song not in front of a class. (We know you are learning). You will then receive positive next step coaching notes (not a pass/fail approach) from BeatBossHQ™ and an invitation to enter the BeatBossONline™ Instructor Continuing Education Portal. Upon entry of the instructor portal you are officially BeatBoss™ Certified , will receive your official BeatBoss™ Certificate and are ready to keep growing with all your BeatBoss™ Continuing Education tools; monthly progressing BeatBoss™ Class Layouts you can re-order, suggested corresponding spotify playlists (you can also create your own class layouts using the BeatBoss™ library of approved Upper Body Add-Ons and Drills and your own spotify playlists), demo videos, and many more tools to keep you growing in all things BeatBoss™. 


The continuing education is very affordable at $9.95 month (BASIC PLAN) with an option for an UPGRADED PLAN $19.95 a month. We have created this fresh way of receiving continuing education on a monthly basis vs. every 1 or 2 years. You keep your BeatBoss™ Certification current by remaining an active paying member inside the BeatBossONline™ Instructor Continuing Education Portal whether you are actively instructing or not.


To schedule a training  please contact BeatBoss.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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